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May 01, 2017 10:34 am
:: What Do Babies Think About?
Jan 04, 2016 08:33 pm
Okay. Picture this. It is a bright sunny day and you are taking a walk in the park with your posse. You see the perfect couple strolling side by side, laughing, talking and pushing their adorable little bundle of joy in a blue stroller (presumably, it’s a boy). You look at this little baby and smile, hoping he’ll smile back, because babies normally look at you like you are a psycho. He blankly stares at you for a few seconds, and he suddenly frowns. Ever wonder what he was thinking? Or do babies merely eat, sleep, poop and whine? Here’s what I think those adorable little looks suggest.

    The “something-up-my-sleeve” face

So here’s the face that would suggest, “Mommy doesn’t know that I left a little doody in the bathtub. Oh, well, she’ll find out.”

    The “stop-what-you’re-doing-right-now” face

When your baby gives you this look, they are either thinking, “Please stop talking like that. It is super annoying. I can talk like that, you can’t. Get yourself together woman!” or “Stop sniffing my crotch in public. It is rude. What are my friends going to think of me?”

    The “oh-yeah” face

You know that feeling when you’re getting that amazing massage in the spa and you’re just like, “Oh yeah…. Oooohh yeah. Right there. Thaaat’s the spot.”? Well this is how babies think when you give them that sweet rub on the back. Or they’re just letting out a damn good deuce after all that baby food and milk.

    The “say-whaaaaaa” face

“What on earth did you say? I got a da-da-da and there was mush-buck-ba in there somewhere. I don’t get the rest.” Or when daddy let one rip and he didn’t want to be blamed for the tenth time that day for stinking up the premises, if you know what I mean, so he blames baby Jack and the kid’s just like “Say whaaaaaa brother?”

    The “oh-no-not-again” face

There is ALWAYS that one relative (most of the time it’s an old aunt) who keeps coming back over and over again to see your baby. They try to baby-talk and squeeze them and sometimes flat out annoy them. Obviously your baby’s bound to think, “Oh no, not this one again. Just because I smiled once at that stupid face you made doesn’t mean you have to do it over, and over, and over… I can’t take this anymore. Imma cry my way out of this. MUUUUUUUUUM!”

    The new-age duck face craze

You get the selfie crazy mommies like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and they look absolutely nothing short of perfect. So when your baby sees you going a little ‘cray-cray’, they’ll probably start thinking, “I always see mommy looking at her phone and making this face. Am I doing it right? Don’t I look just fab?”

    The “utterly-fed-up” face

While you’re enjoying yourself and having a great time at your friend’s dinner party, your baby’s just going to be like, “Can we please go now? I am so bored right now. Mommy, get me some milk.”

    The “pretty-please” face

For those of you who have watched the “Who’s your favorite?” baby video on YouTube, this is the face that your baby would have on their face implying, “But daddy promised me a pony!” If not, your baby’s probably thinking “I know I had milk a couple of minutes ago. But I want more! Pleeeeease mommy?”

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