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May 01, 2017 10:34 am
:: Yureni, the fitness buff
Mar 27, 2011 09:25 am
She ignites the small screen with her trendy presence and is propelling with her charm to set the silver screen on ‘fire’. Her graceful dance moves have spun her into the limelight and a busy schedule has become her lifestyle too, but the astounding Yureni Noshika says her schedule does not hamper her determination to put fitness first.

Beauty and fitness go hand-in-hand, says Yureni, the brand ambassador of Fitness First. “We still don’t give enough importance to fitness. Having a healthy and toned body makes one feel better and when you feel better you can perform better. Today’s younger generation must realise this. International actors and actresses focus on looking fit and good but we are yet to follow that approach. It boosts self-confidence, I know this by experience hence I am trying to lead by example”.

Being regularly ill in her adolescence and early adulthood increased Yureni’s need for a good workout. “I was like a mobile hospital, I was often ill and I got fed up of going to the doctor and one day I realised that I didn’t have any exercise, it started from there and I have not looked back. I don’t believe in having to be thin to look good, but I believe having a toned body enhances one’s beauty. This can be any size or shape, being toned makes you active”, she said.

Most of our youngsters are average income earners, so the viability of gym membership could be a problem. “Almost everyone is on Facebook these days, even who do not have that much money have home broadband and hit a net cafe to write on walls. There is ample demonstrations on the net on how to keep fit. How come we don’t show an interest to learn about them. Health is for life, so we must start investing time on it now. If you can’t wor kout, at least go for a walk or sit and do some breathing exercises because that is the base to prevent many illnesses”, the fitness buff Yureni said.

“A good workout does not only develop your body but it also does wonders to your mentality too. When you feel confident, you start discovering yourself. So start exercising, feel good, look good and be healthy” said Yureni.

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