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May 01, 2017 10:34 am
:: Spa etiquette Learn and Be Confident
Feb 08, 2011 10:42 am

Not all of us are regular spa goers and a first visit to the spa can be a bit of a daunting experience for anyone. Behind the polished doors of the spa lies a space that is classy and apparently inviting but there is always a nagging fear that you may not belong there and a faux pas committed by you could really travel. Such things do travel and could reach your workplace too and woe betide you if youre not the type to laugh it off.

The objective of this article is to apprise you of the basic dos and donts regarding your conduct in a spa. The International SPA Association and Resort Hotel Association has developed a Spa Code of Conduct that you should read, it will make you breathe easy and ease of any feelings of self-consciousness that you may be harboring. Essentially as a patron of a spa it is your responsibility to let the spa management know of your expectations from the treatment that you want and learn about it from the concerned person. You should also come clear about any medical condition that you have. Be courteous. Follow directions and use unguents and ointments as directed by the staff.

You will do fine if you observe basic etiquette and show some common sense. For example, arrive around 10-15 minutes before an appointment and do not distract others by talking loudly on your phone. Wash off the chlorinated water on your body from the hot tub before you move on to the steam bath. Do not leave your children unattended. Ideally you should not carry any jewelry to the spa but if you do then deposit it in your locker before proceeding for treatment.

As a patron of a spa, you can expect courteous treatment; you have the right to stop a particular treatment at any time for whatever reason. You can elaborate on any discomfort that you may be experiencing and the therapist will make adjustments accordingly. You have the right to ask questions about staff training, licensing and certification. Your disclosure about any condition should be kept a secret by the spa staff. If you are uncomfortable taking a massage nude with a towel on, you have the option of wearing your undergarments. Alternatively you can opt for a Thai massage where you stay fully clothed during the massage.

It is important to know what you want when you enter a spa; for example if you do not specify the gender of a masseur it is likely that you will be assigned a male masseur. This is because female masseurs are in demand with female clients who may have issues with undressing before a man and may not be comfortable with a mans touch. More than women, one would think its the men who would opt for female massagers. So, let your preference be known. For many experienced spa goers, the gender of the massage therapist is secondary to his/her skill. For some type of massages such as a deep tissue massage, a male massager is a better choice as this massage technique requires strength.

Tipping is always an issue that most people seek enlightenment on. In the spa industry, the tipping norm is usually 15%-20%. Check if the tip is included in the price of the service. If you get a gift certificate that entitles you to a spa treatment check if it is inclusive of the tips. Also if you are visiting the spa with a gift certificate mention it in advance so that the spa can clear any policy issues related to treatments with gift certificates.

One of the major concerns for most spa goers is information regarding nudity at the spa. Read on to learn about it. At the outset it would be fair to say that in most European countries attitudes towards nudity are far relaxed than what they are in America, so much so that in Germany men and women can take steam baths together in the nude. The general procedure before a massage treatment is that you are given time to change into a robe before you enter the massage room. The spa may or may not have a private changing space. The masseur will escort you to the massage area and leave giving you time to disrobe and slip under the sheets. After the massage, you should vacate the massage area in around five minutes. Do not keep the next customer waiting. If you wish you can unwind in the waiting room or meditation room.

There are certain body treatments that will require you to be fully exposed for some time. So, learn beforehand about the kind of massage that you are going for. You can request the spa to provide you with disposable underwear; with certain spas it is mandatory. You can enter a steam bath or a sauna naked or draped. You may have to share the space with people of the opposite sex.

Most day spas experience peak traffic during late afternoon and at weekends. So if you wish to be treated by your favorite therapist book an appointment in advance. If, for some reason you have to cancel an appointment give the spa as much of an advance notice as you possibly can. With some spas, a minimum 24-hour notice is required. This is because spas are obliged to pay therapists for their time regardless of client arrival or not. They need advance notice to fill the slot vacated by you.

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