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May 01, 2017 10:34 am
:: Me Cancun
Jan 19, 2011 09:48 pm
Cancuns Hotel Zone is known for its pristine white-sand strip, towering resorts and crazy nightlife and, of course, those rowdy Spring Breakers. But its not just about the partying at ME Cancun.

The South Beach-esque property which just went all-inclusive on January 1, 2011 sits oceanside and has all the perks youd expect from a Cancun resort, including four restaurants, spacious rooms and oversized daybeds by the beach and the two swimming pools, including a serene adult-only infinity pool that overlooks the ocean.

Im a huge fan of anything water-related, so I was excited when I saw Yhi Spas Water Rituals hydrotherapy circuit, complementary with any spa treatment. The guided session began with 10 minutes in the steam room, followed by 10 minutes of sauna.

After a hot rinse in the massage shower (the jets literally went up and down my entire body), I came to my favorite part of the circuit: a self-administered foot massage, created by walking down a heated, submerged path of stones. I have to admit, it hurt a bit to walk on it, but my feet were thankful later. Next up: a long dip in the spas therapy pool, enjoying the ocean view. By the time by name was called for a treatment (I opted for a 60-minute massage), I was already blissed out.

This kind of Cancun was much more fun than margaritas and discotecas although I will admit, those arent bad either.
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